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Book Kedarnath Yatra In Haridwar

A trip to book Kedarnath, you typically have several options depending on your preferences and requirements:

Facility For Ek Dham Yatra

  1. Online Booking: Many travel agencies and tour operators offer online booking services for Kedarnath trips. You can visit their websites, select your preferred package, and make reservations online. Ensure to choose a reputable and reliable operator with positive reviews.
  2. Travel Agencies: Local or national travel agencies often specialize in pilgrimage tours and can help you book a trip to Kedarnath. You can visit their offices or contact them by phone to inquire about available packages and make bookings.
  3. Helicopter Services: If you prefer to travel by helicopter, you can directly book helicopter tickets to Kedarnath from operators like Pawan Hans or other private helicopter service providers. These services typically include transportation from helipads in cities like Dehradun or Phata/Guptkashi to Kedarnath.
  4. Government Facilities: The Government of Uttarakhand operates guesthouses, dharamshalas (pilgrim shelters), and yatra registration counters in places like Guptkashi and Sonprayag. You can book accommodation and obtain trekking permits from these facilities.
  5. Travel Apps and Platforms: Various travel apps and platforms may offer booking options for Kedarnath trips. You can search for available packages, compare prices, and make bookings directly through these platforms.
  6. Customized Tours: If you prefer a personalized experience, you can contact tour operators specializing in customized tours and pilgrimage trips. They can tailor the itinerary according to your preferences and arrange transportation, accommodation, and other services accordingly.

Before book kedarnath, make sure to consider factors such as travel dates, budget, mode of transportation, accommodation preferences, and any specific requirements you may have. Additionally, check for any travel advisories or restrictions in place, especially during peak pilgrimage seasons.

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